University of BedfordshireProvisional Timetable 2020/21

Week 3
24 January 2021


Semester 2 Teaching

Due to current government restrictions and the imposed national lockdown, teaching will be delivered online, with some exceptions, as outlined below. Students studying in semester 2 are advised to check the announcements pages of their units on BREO (UoB's Virtual learning platform), for details of their learning. Teaching information will be shared with you via BREO only.

Face-to-face Teaching in Semester 2 for Critical Courses

The government has set out specific subject areas where face-to-face teaching can continue. Please visit for details of which courses will have face-to-face teaching in semester 2.

If you are following a course that falls into one of these subject areas, or are unsure about whether your course has any face-to-face teaching, please check the BREO announcements pages for your units. On campus schedules will be shared with you via BREO only.

For information and updates about the coronavirus please visit our webpage here:


Why am I able to retrieve a timetable which shows classes on campus this semester?

Semester 2 teaching will be online, with the exception of the courses outlined on our webpages, but you still may be able to retrieve information about your units on your personal timetable. This is to help you plan your studies by enabling you to retrieve and check the units you are taking for your course. However, you are advised to refer to BREO for specific information about your teaching schedule.

Will I be able to see information about my online classes on the timetable for Semester 2?

No. While you can retrieve information about your units, the semester 2 face-to-face teaching timetable has been suspended. This means that no on campus activities will be taking place, unless you are following a course outlined in the list on our webpages. We advise ALL students to check the announcements pages on BREO for information about semester 2 learning.

Will I be able to see information about my face-to-face teaching if I am following a critical course for semester 2?

No. We have made changes to the semester 2 face-to-face delivery for critical courses, to allow for greater social distancing. We advise ALL critical courses students to check the announcements pages on BREO for information about their semester 2 learning.

When will face-to-face teaching resume for non-critical courses?

The government has advised that the national lockdown will be in place until at least mid-February. At present we do not yet know when restrictions will be lifted, but we will contact you to advise you of when your face-to-face teaching sessions will resume, as soon as we are able to do so.

Should I come to campus to find out about my classes for semester 2?

No. We strongly advise students not to come to campus to find out about your classes for semester 2. Please refer to the information above in the first instance, to find out how your teaching will be delivered. If you are still unsure, please contact

Why does my timetable appear blank when I try to retrieve it with my student number?

Due to the national lockdown classes will be delivered online until mid-February at the very least, with the exception of select courses as per government guidance. Please refer to the announcements pages of your units on BREO for details of your learning.

If you can't find what you need on BREO, please contact the Student Information Desk at

Why do I get an error message when I try to retrieve my personal timetable with my student number?

You need to be a registered student to view your personal timetable and to access BREO. You can get this by following the instructions we sent you about registration from

Further details about registration can be found here:

Once you have registered you will be able to access our systems within 48 hours.